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In the rapid advancement of IT technology and corporate world, the Data Center is the brain of a company. FPM Solutions provides turn-key Data Centre solutions including; Planning, Design, Construction & Certification with the Collaboration of our partner TDR. Our team is focused on utilizing industry best practices along with traditional business acumen to build data centre environments which deliver value creation both on a technology level as well as at the ROI level to ensure all stakeholders objectives are realized.


UBL United Bank Limited

  1. To ensure reliable operation of the critical systems installed at UBL Tier-III Data Centre-Karachi, UBL signed comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services contract with FPM Solutions. We are providing 24/7/365 complete support of their Power infrastructure & HVAC cooling system.
  2. Designed and developed interim Data Centre facility at NDC, Mains Power Control and Distribution System at NDC, IT Power Infrastructure with 2x80kW n+1 UPS system at NDC and Islamabad Data Centre, Cooling Power Infrastructure for Stulz CRAC units at NDC. Fault tolerant UPS power-system, Earthing/Grounding system. Power cabling Infrastructure, Switch gear systems including ATS, AMF, MDBs, SMDB and Bypass Panels. Cable Containment and Piping/Ducting Infrastructure.

Bankalhabib logo  Bank AL Habib Limited

250+ Branches and Corporate Offices Countrywide, Data Centers Infrastructure, IT Power Distribution System, Electrical System Re-engineering, Earthing/Grounding System, Power Cabling Infrastructure, Fault tolerant UPS power-system and Mains Power Control & Distribution system, Switchgear Systems including ATS, AMF, MDBs, SMDB, and Bypass Panels. Preventive maintenance services for 24/7/365 of electrical infrastructure and switchgear system including mains power, emergency power and IT power systems for DR and Data Centre facility.

bank-Alfalah new logo Bank Alfalah Limited

Designed & Developed DR Data Centre & NOC facility for 16 Racks, IT Power Distribution system for 2x160kW n+1 UPS system, cooling power infrastructure, APC In-Row HVAC cooling System Infrastructure, Earthing/Grounding System, IT Power Cabling Infrastructure, Tier-III fault tolerant UPS Power-System, ATS, MDBs, SMDB, and Bypass Panels. Cable Containment and Piping/ Ducting Infrastructure.

icbc Industrial Credit Bank of China

Data Centre Power Infrastructure including APC UPS’s and mains and IT power cabling. Continuously upgrade and maintained in SLA.

iac-logo  Interactive Group for Classified Data Centre Projects

Designed and developed DATA Centre & NOC facility for 26 RACKs, Mains and IT Power Distribution System with 2x160kW n+1 APC UPS. Earthing/Grounding (PE & PEN) System, APC in-row HVAC cooling system infrastructure, network infrastructure, mains and IT power cabling infrastructure, cooling power infrastructure, fault tolerant UPS power-system, MDBs and SMDBs, cable and piping raceways and ducting infrastructure.

Khaadi_Logo Khaadi Textile

Designed and developed Data Centre and NOC facility for 8 Racks, Mains and IT Power Distribution System, Earthing/Grounding (PE & PEN) System, Cooling System Infrastructure, FM-200 Fire Detection and Suppression System, Security and Access Control System, Security & Access Control System, Network Infrastructure, Mains, IT and cooling Power Infrastructure, Fault tolerant n+1 UPS System, ATS, AMF, MDBs and SMDBs, Power Cabling, circuit wiring, cable containment and piping/ducting infrastructure.

Albaraka logo Al-Baraka Bank Limited Lahore Data Center

Data Center Power infrastructure solution.

pakiranLogo Pak-Iran Investment Limited

Data Centre Power Infrastructure SLA of APC UPS’s.

JS Investment JS Investment

Data Centre Power Infrastructure support.

alkhidmat hospital AKHN Hospital

Designed, developed and maintain turnkey Data Centre including power, cooling, racks, servers, switches, surveillance and Fire solutions.


Data Centre, computer Labs & NOC, Mains and IT Power Distribution System, Earthing/ Grounding (PE & PEN) system, Network Infrastructure, Copper/Optical Fiber Cable Plant, LAN/WAN Infrastructure, MDBs and SMDBs.

 Pakistan Navy / NUST

Data Centre & NOC, Mains and IT Power Distribution system, Earthing/Grounding system, Network Infrastructure, Copper/Optical Fiber Cable Plant, LAN/WAN Infrastructure, MDBs and SMDBs.

bayer Bayer Pakistan Ltd

Data Center & NOC, Mains and IT Power Distribution System, Earthing/Grounding (PE & PEN) System, Mains and IT Power Cabling Infrastructure, Cooling Power Infrastructure.

WorldCall_logo World Call Telecom Ltd

Data Center & NOC, Mains and IT Power Distribution System, Earthing/Grounding (PE & PEN) System, DC Grounding System.

atlas-bettery Atlas Battery Ltd

Data Center UPS’s, networking, mains and IT power distribution system.

 Century Paper Mills

Data Centre Power Infrastructure including UPS’s and mains and IT cabling. Preventive maintenance services for 24/7/365.

 Meat One (Al-Shaheer Group)

Data Center Power and Networking solution

 Pakistan International Container Terminal

Data Center Power infrastructure solution

 Millat Tractors

Design Power Solution for Data Center.

Products List

  • Airflow Management
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Cable management
  • Engineering and site audit services
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Floor-based Power Distribution
  • Integrated Facility Systems solutions
  • Network Distribution and cabling
  • Power Expert Architecture
  • Power Expert meters
  • Rack mounted Power Distribution
  • Racks and Enclosures
  • Software and Connectivity
  • Surge suppression
  • UPS and battery services
  • Virtualization integration